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BJ Lackland, CEO Lighter Capital

Modern marketing has a lot of moving parts. As a content marketing strategist, Peter Luyckx truly gets every facet of it. He’s able to make connections between business goals, audience needs, buyer journeys, channel and platform dynamics, and performance measurement to build campaigns that drive real-world results.

Tim Cashman, Senior Content Strategist at Yesler

Peter Luyckx is a superb writer, a disciplined manager, and a creative thinker.

Hanson Hosein, Director Communication Leadership, University of Washington


Peter Luyckx, Sr. Content Strategist

Peter Luyckx

Co-founder & Sr. Content Strategist

  • Peter helps you chart and follow a strategic approach from start to publish.
  • With more than two decades of experience leading complex content projects, he knows how to steer projects so that teams create content that gets businesses to their intended destination.
  • Peter has taught a Content Strategy class in the Storytelling & Content Strategy certificate program at the University of Washington, and is available to host content strategy workshops from Content Strategy 101 to Messaging Frameworks.
Lisa Farino, Sr. Copywriter

Lisa Farino

Co-founder & Sr. Copywriter

  • Lisa is a writer and editor who enjoys communicating complex technical, medical, and scientific concepts in a way that’s clear, accurate, and accessible to a broad audience.
  • She loves helping startups wow customers and woo investors.
  • Lisa has written for a variety of publications including Microsoft’s MSN Health, MSN Green, The Seattle Times, and E! Magazine.
  • As an adjunct professor at Seattle University, she has taught technical writing to senior engineering students.